Hello Again World!

About 5 years ago a certain web designer changed his web hosting to a new provider but omitted to transfer over the various websites he supported.  Not necessarily as dumb as it sounds as he was at the time using Microsoft Frontpage, a perfectly good piece of web publishing software which had just over time become terribly passé and ever so slightly unsupported so just migrating the sites as they were was not really an option.

This enterprising soul wanted to try a new way of managing these sites and so had a play with the WordPress product in a new cookery site called Culinary Foreplay (  That was going swimmingly when the bold hero decided to move house from the hustle and bustle of Central London to the quiet solicitude of deepest, darkest Devon.  It was always the intention to keep the new site going and indeed to resurrect the old ones but somehow or another there was always another cream tea, piece of fudge, plate of fish & chips or the like to get in the way.

Anyway it’s taken this wretched Coronavirus lock-down to bring about the change – like many people one is constantly looking for something else to occupy a bit more of the day so here I am, back online.

So let’s get to it!



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