NHS Forever!

While everyone else was outside clapping, cheering, banging saucepans, etc.  the other week to show their appreciation of the wonderful work of our NHS during the present Coronavirus pandemic, I was struck by the Muse and found myself scribbling the lines below which certainly sum up my feelings on the matter and hopefully vocalises what many others think.

Noble Heroes & Saviours
Set up in Nineteen Forty-Eight the National Health they’re called
In normal times, they service us and see we’re overhauled
They fix the bits they can and treat with care whate’er they can’t
They stitch, remove things, patch us up, even the odd transplant
But come a crisis, all hands to the pumps they come in force
And do all heed the Nation’s call? We know they will. Of course!

With scarce a thought for personal safety, patients to the fore
They soldier tirelessly for us like noble knights of yore
A gown their armour, mask their helmet, skill their well-honed sword
Their castles are our hospitals.  They fight with one accord.
And now and then when numbers drop with friend or colleague down
E’en though disheartened they press on – put on another gown.

Consultants, surgeons, doctors, nurses, paramedics too
Technicians, cleaners, porters, drivers, other types of crew
There’s pharmacists and therapists of every kind there is,
Repairmen, painters, cooks and cleaners, every one ‘the biz’.
They’re always in the public gaze; for them there is no stealth.
Forget whatever else they’re called; they’re our true National Wealth.

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